Making Page-A-Day date

Page-a-day formats are great for putting the emphasis of a date onto the day of the week and month, ahead of the actual month and year.  This works well for dates that are in the relatively near future rather than for drastic historical purposes, since those components of the date are more easily assumed by the reader.


SCSS partials for simple management of styles

The board of directors display consists of:


A proposed website for NCCC

Close to 90% of people in our Valley use smartphone`s as their primary means for looking at web pages. North Conway Community Center`s (NCCC) new website is responsive to this reality and gives  the community an attractive space on the internet to keep up with everything that is going on through the NCCC.


NCCC's web function

What is NCCC's website doing right now:

Major functions:

announcing schedule changes 

the front page of the site is making last minute announcements for canceled programs.

the same message is being posted to facebook:

  • proposed enhancements: "PUSH" notifications to parents for canceled programs

collect registrations and forms

there are 3 forms currently in use on the website: